Agrobit offers different versions including knowledge Base and contemplating distinctive features of production and control processes. By applying traceability in all productive chain.

Agrobit registers every crop/field event (tillage, crop spraying, planting, fertilization, manual tillage and irrigation) and its associated application of tillage equipment and workforce.

Agrobit offers crop evolution data of production stages, economic changes and specific auxiliary information for manage control.

Estimates crop production and registers crop yields. Records damages such as hail, flood, and fallen trees. Details weather information (temperature, wind speed and direction, soil moisture), inspections and technical data.

Integrates origin, nutrition, sanitation and management records throughout all animal life.

Allows management, monitoring, controlling and evolution of each categorized livestock group.

Livestock sheets informing head/ kilograms evolution, movement details and meat production balance. Agrobit registers livestock production data – wool, milk, meat and reproductive data - services, pregnancy detection – birth –weaning.

Animal fact sheet - treatment, healing and vaccination. Illness description, medication doses

Agrobit quantifies animal costs.

Controls milk volume in tanks, temperatures registered in the process, cooling curve and washing cycle.

• Crop planting register.
• Agrochemical application.
• Transplanting operation.
• Weather information (temperature, wind direction and speed, Soil humidity)
• Frost control.
• Harvest.
• Estimates.
• Yields.
• Inspections.

• Forestry measurement.
• Forestry cutting.
• Forest yield.
• Sewing density.
• Seed quantity.
• Agrochemical application.
• Record of transplanting operation.

Specific knowledge for alternative productions and industries:

• Vegetables
• Fishery
• Sugar cane
• Yerba Mate