Flexible structure to adapt to varied industries needs. All structure may be defined and managed specifying logical and or physical contention hierarchy.

Agrobit new release includes outstanding functionality to gather activities performed on different geographical fields, minimizing operative time and optimizing report data.

Agrobit TRZ functions with three types of movements aiming at different objectives and applications: Planning – Work Orders and Events.

Planning are movements that serve to program a define activity as a whole according to experience or expectancy for cost estimation, purchase organization, contracting, etc. Planning can be chronologically made by Zone and Type, following diverse standards.

Agrobit administers stock movements, agriculture and livestock events, supplies, equipments and work force.

Food, field usage, cattle movement and assignment.
Audits and controls, weather information, soil condition, etc.

Agrobit administers agricultural production, crop yield, livestock production, head, kilograms, etc.

It defines and determines production distribution according to lease and company agreements.
It administers alternative production (milk, wool, honey, etc.).

It defines means of transport, freight types, destinations, route determination, unloading control, qualities, associated contracts and data distribution.

Resulting analysis, production comparative analysis, yield mapping, fertilization mapping, etc.

Agricultural and livestock traceability reports, genealogical charts and alternative production reports.

The relationship between Agrobit and other systems (Interfaces) enables the cross-referencing of data for specific information guaranteeing full traceability.

It allows capturing geo referencing data for the combination and analysis of multiple layers of location-based data including environmental measurements.

It ensures accurate reporting with improved data collection.